Top 5 car spoiler brands

Seibon Carbon STI Rear Spoiler

The utmost purpose of this spoiler is just for visual aesthetics. It acts as a factory replacement of the current spoiler in Subaru STI. There is minimum difference in weight of the two spoilers. The carbon fiber weave gives the spoiler an extra edge of exquisite visual touch. The price of $660 is a bit on the higher end but does justice to the value for the money.

Dawn factory Style Flush Mount

If you are looking for spoilers with subtle design, this is the way to go. This is just like replication straight from the factory. Because of its lightweight it can be installed easily with adhesives instead of having to drill holes in the lid of the trunk. This may cost around $150 which is quite affordable.


For Performance RS-Style Wing

This is especially for Ford users to add a big wing to their hatchbacks for an extra fine finish. This may be on the costly side but since it directly comes from Ford so there is no compromise of quality. So the price of $790 does justice to the quality and value of the spoiler.The fitment is also more accurate which couldn’t have been quite possible with aftermarket spoilers.

Universal Type S Adjustable Silver Double Deck Aluminum Gt Style

If you are looking for a spoiler on a tight budget then this option is quite great. As it comes with an attractive price of about $100.The dual adjustable fins will allow downward force to be controlled. This won’t easily break off like the carbon ones, even if pressure applied to it.

Big Country Labs Universal Atmosphere Demolisher

If you are not tight on budget plus looking for a monstrous spoiler which will for surely give your car that extra edge of excitement then this is your best option. This spoiler comes with a universal kit which will be adjustable and mount the ride to anything. This may cost about $750.


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