The Knight Rider

We have all heard about the immensely popular TV show: The Knight Rider. Almost everyone has imagined a car like that to be real and that they will cruise in it in style. However, many were convinced that it was nothing more than an utterly satisfying fantasy.

With the rise of computers- a glimmer hope has rose majestically in the automobile industry for a car similar to the infamous Knight Rider series.

Self-driven car has already entered the market and cars being associated with computers are already a thing of the past. So, what makes the Knight Rider different? Artificial intelligence! The car presented on the show had its very own unique personality that appealed greatly to readers.

In the modern world, we have progressed a lot with artificial intelligence. However, it is scant to make car with it. This is mainly because there have been many reported cases where artificial intelligence bots went berserk and started making their own decisions- some of which were not so pleasant. Given this, imagine given these “minds” a powerful and heavily armed vehicle- pretty catastrophic scene pops in the head no?

We have- however- made great progress with drones which may not exactly have an artificial intelligence but is the closest thing to the knight rider that the real world has got so far. We cannot be absolutely be certain that a car like that shown in the Knight Rider doesn’t exist because it may be the military has developed such cars and just maybe they feel that information like this should be kept classified.

Nevertheless, the amount of progress with computers in the automobile industry looks greatly promising-so we can expect a car painted black being our partner and our guard- we indeed have a great chance to live our fantasies.

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