The Ironic cycle of Electric Vehicles

Ever heard of the saying, “what goes around comes around?”, well that would be the exact case of today’s electric cars. What could be more ironic than claiming that something is environment friendly but when in reality, some part of it ends up destroying the very same environment that it had claimed to be friends with? A double edged sword is what most people would prefer to call this kind of automobiles.

Due to the engine being powered by electricity, they are really quiet and give a really smooth start to the engine. People, who have headaches or motion sickness, would probably crave for another ride after taking one from an electric car. The electric vehicle is primarily viewed, as an alternate method to the diesel and petrol vehicles, as prices of these non-renewable resources increase.

These kind of vehicles are pretty low-maintenance compared to combustion vehicles as, they lack gearbox and the oils and cooling fluids used in the latter one. Due, to the less amount of running parts, electric vehicles have low running cost as well. However, battery life could be something that would create an issue. Many people might have agoraphobia, or they might just start panicking at the thought that perhaps, the vehicle might run out of battery before they reach their location. However, one could always recharge it during the night, or if they have a really sunny and humid environment in their country, they could always recharge it by using solar panels. Manufacturers are offering long term warranty for the battery to generate more interest. Many companies like Renault take monthly fees for keeping your electric car battery running.

The main part which attracts and makes people think about the ironic part about these vehicles is that, even though they emit zero CO2 from their tail pipes due to not using fossil fuels as its main source, the vehicle ends up killing this positive side by using fossil fuel as main part of the electricity production. It runs solely on electricity and that electricity comes from fossil fuel. Thus, making up for its zero tail emission of CO2 and in the end, the vehicle ends up balancing its balance sheet, totaling its debit and credit side as equals of each other.

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