The ardent intentions to improve safety and efficiency of vehicles has become the drive and the concept behind recent productions as various automotive labels go full-out of designing structures that meet and exceed safety and efficiency margin. Road safety has been a major concern and with this in view the Subaru Company has taken safety from conventions to a whole new level. The Japanese label unveils a new safety feature which provides self driving options at a low speed, efficient for traffic jams and other purposes. Its camera based capabilities is programmed to detect curves, slopes, objects and other cars around it. It is also programmed to steer itself around obstacles. This feature will be installed in the S4 sedan and Lavorg wagon on production. There is no particular set date for release but a time rage of five years is in view as testing is still ongoing.

The mechanism of the safety feature is based on a fully functional and broad view camera which tracks lane marks and distance between the vehicle and surrounding vehicles or objects. The present status is mostly testing phase due to the variation in terrain and landscape. Some roads are more curved than others, not to mention elevations and slopes. These intricacies require meticulous testing before complete safety is assured.

The setbacks of this system maybe a poorly maintained road owing to the fact that its feature utilizes tracks and lane marks, this would make its features dependent on the quality of road maintenance. This of course is a criteria fully met by japans’ roads. This limited self navigation system is designed to function between a speed range of 60-100 km/h (37-62 mph) and extended camera view functions below 37 mph to 80 mph limit (120 km/h). This self-navigation system requires the driver to place hands on steering in order to stay active or auto-steer disengages after 10 seconds. This is a ride to look out for in the near future.

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