Automobile and Obesity!

The title itself may seem to be very absurd-it is! But this is the reality. A new study performed by the University of Tennessee concluded that the reason for the high rates of obesity in America is due to the fact that it has higher rates of car usage than its counterparts.

For centuries, transportation has existed as it was a basic human need- however- it was not until the 20th century that the automobile industry took a great turn. You see before this “automobile revolution’ all transportation involved a bit of effort to be given by the driver, but cars with engine minimized this to greater extent. Modern cars require no “real” effort to drive whatsoever, in fact, they are super comfortable.

It is estimated that majority of Americans own a car- and that they use it for their daily chores. This is not a bad thing until you consider the fact that these people are not paying attention to their exercise or to be clear their walking needs.

In European countries these statistics are not so horrifying given the fact that they walk five times more steps than an average American per year- and that their infrastructure greatly promotes cycling and walking.

The research is not blaming automobiles for being so good! No not at all- it is the people that are to blame. We humans have for so long have this tendency to get lost in comforts. Automobiles are of vast significant to our lives but we must not make it in to our enemies. Walk where it is possible and drive further distances- that are how it should be. Occasionally, walk or cycle great distances- for if you truly love your car you must know that it too deserves a comfortable day off like everyone.

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