Revwerks Canada Partners with Miro Wheels

Since its inception in 2010, Revwerks Wheels have continued to evolve. Formerly known as ALT wheels, its passion for greatness and the need to infiltrate and completely dominate the wheel market has prompted the label to become a trend setter in the manufacturing and distribution of quality wheels which do not only serve as the best buy for speed, agility and balance but also reflects style and class with every new design.

Even as the name ALT wheels, resonates in the wheel industry as one of the most reputable engineers of tuning wheels for various racing brands, its seemingly dominant technology and inattentiveness has led a transformation which transcends regular standards. Perfection is a priority in the production process which seeks to improve on previous structures, characteristics and to ensure a flamboyant finish with every new design.

Every vehicle deserves the best wheel fitting which proactively compensates with a most ensnaring look and strength to withstand all road types. This of course is taken into consideration in the production process. Miro wheels review come with a thread of designs which are greatly enhanced to suit both modern and futuristic vehicle models.

Every exceptional wheel brand understands that quality and safety is number one. There are no compromises when it comes to the standards of Miro wheels. Every new wheel set undergoes rigorous testing and safety practices in line the regulations and standards of wheel quality. The Miro brand goes way over the call of duty to ensure the safety of every wheel.

Miro premium wheels are produced in the most highly equipped facilities which hold the most intricate wheel manufacturing and testing machines. Every new model comes with customized fitments, special built to take on the toughest terrain with a safety guarantee.

When we think of Revwerks Wheels, we think of 21 years of solid experience in the art of wheel production, professionalism, passion, and premium quality that sets the pace.  Miro is a global name that has stood the test of time, and strives to maintain its reputation as one of the best wheel manufacturer in the market.

The Knight Rider

We have all heard about the immensely popular TV show: The Knight Rider. Almost everyone has imagined a car like that to be real and that they will cruise in it in style. However, many were convinced that it was nothing more than an utterly satisfying fantasy.

With the rise of computers- a glimmer hope has rose majestically in the automobile industry for a car similar to the infamous Knight Rider series.

Self-driven car has already entered the market and cars being associated with computers are already a thing of the past. So, what makes the Knight Rider different? Artificial intelligence! The car presented on the show had its very own unique personality that appealed greatly to readers.

In the modern world, we have progressed a lot with artificial intelligence. However, it is scant to make car with it. This is mainly because there have been many reported cases where artificial intelligence bots went berserk and started making their own decisions- some of which were not so pleasant. Given this, imagine given these “minds” a powerful and heavily armed vehicle- pretty catastrophic scene pops in the head no?

We have- however- made great progress with drones which may not exactly have an artificial intelligence but is the closest thing to the knight rider that the real world has got so far. We cannot be absolutely be certain that a car like that shown in the Knight Rider doesn’t exist because it may be the military has developed such cars and just maybe they feel that information like this should be kept classified.

Nevertheless, the amount of progress with computers in the automobile industry looks greatly promising-so we can expect a car painted black being our partner and our guard- we indeed have a great chance to live our fantasies.

Top 5 car spoiler brands

Seibon Carbon STI Rear Spoiler

The utmost purpose of this spoiler is just for visual aesthetics. It acts as a factory replacement of the current spoiler in Subaru STI. There is minimum difference in weight of the two spoilers. The carbon fiber weave gives the spoiler an extra edge of exquisite visual touch. The price of $660 is a bit on the higher end but does justice to the value for the money.

Dawn factory Style Flush Mount

If you are looking for spoilers with subtle design, this is the way to go. This is just like replication straight from the factory. Because of its lightweight it can be installed easily with adhesives instead of having to drill holes in the lid of the trunk. This may cost around $150 which is quite affordable.


For Performance RS-Style Wing

This is especially for Ford users to add a big wing to their hatchbacks for an extra fine finish. This may be on the costly side but since it directly comes from Ford so there is no compromise of quality. So the price of $790 does justice to the quality and value of the spoiler.The fitment is also more accurate which couldn’t have been quite possible with aftermarket spoilers.

Universal Type S Adjustable Silver Double Deck Aluminum Gt Style

If you are looking for a spoiler on a tight budget then this option is quite great. As it comes with an attractive price of about $100.The dual adjustable fins will allow downward force to be controlled. This won’t easily break off like the carbon ones, even if pressure applied to it.

Big Country Labs Universal Atmosphere Demolisher

If you are not tight on budget plus looking for a monstrous spoiler which will for surely give your car that extra edge of excitement then this is your best option. This spoiler comes with a universal kit which will be adjustable and mount the ride to anything. This may cost about $750.



The ardent intentions to improve safety and efficiency of vehicles has become the drive and the concept behind recent productions as various automotive labels go full-out of designing structures that meet and exceed safety and efficiency margin. Road safety has been a major concern and with this in view the Subaru Company has taken safety from conventions to a whole new level. The Japanese label unveils a new safety feature which provides self driving options at a low speed, efficient for traffic jams and other purposes. Its camera based capabilities is programmed to detect curves, slopes, objects and other cars around it. It is also programmed to steer itself around obstacles. This feature will be installed in the S4 sedan and Lavorg wagon on production. There is no particular set date for release but a time rage of five years is in view as testing is still ongoing.

The mechanism of the safety feature is based on a fully functional and broad view camera which tracks lane marks and distance between the vehicle and surrounding vehicles or objects. The present status is mostly testing phase due to the variation in terrain and landscape. Some roads are more curved than others, not to mention elevations and slopes. These intricacies require meticulous testing before complete safety is assured.

The setbacks of this system maybe a poorly maintained road owing to the fact that its feature utilizes tracks and lane marks, this would make its features dependent on the quality of road maintenance. This of course is a criteria fully met by japans’ roads. This limited self navigation system is designed to function between a speed range of 60-100 km/h (37-62 mph) and extended camera view functions below 37 mph to 80 mph limit (120 km/h). This self-navigation system requires the driver to place hands on steering in order to stay active or auto-steer disengages after 10 seconds. This is a ride to look out for in the near future.

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The Ironic cycle of Electric Vehicles

Ever heard of the saying, “what goes around comes around?”, well that would be the exact case of today’s electric cars. What could be more ironic than claiming that something is environment friendly but when in reality, some part of it ends up destroying the very same environment that it had claimed to be friends with? A double edged sword is what most people would prefer to call this kind of automobiles.

Due to the engine being powered by electricity, they are really quiet and give a really smooth start to the engine. People, who have headaches or motion sickness, would probably crave for another ride after taking one from an electric car. The electric vehicle is primarily viewed, as an alternate method to the diesel and petrol vehicles, as prices of these non-renewable resources increase.

These kind of vehicles are pretty low-maintenance compared to combustion vehicles as, they lack gearbox and the oils and cooling fluids used in the latter one. Due, to the less amount of running parts, electric vehicles have low running cost as well. However, battery life could be something that would create an issue. Many people might have agoraphobia, or they might just start panicking at the thought that perhaps, the vehicle might run out of battery before they reach their location. However, one could always recharge it during the night, or if they have a really sunny and humid environment in their country, they could always recharge it by using solar panels. Manufacturers are offering long term warranty for the battery to generate more interest. Many companies like Renault take monthly fees for keeping your electric car battery running.

The main part which attracts and makes people think about the ironic part about these vehicles is that, even though they emit zero CO2 from their tail pipes due to not using fossil fuels as its main source, the vehicle ends up killing this positive side by using fossil fuel as main part of the electricity production. It runs solely on electricity and that electricity comes from fossil fuel. Thus, making up for its zero tail emission of CO2 and in the end, the vehicle ends up balancing its balance sheet, totaling its debit and credit side as equals of each other.

Automobile and Obesity!

The title itself may seem to be very absurd-it is! But this is the reality. A new study performed by the University of Tennessee concluded that the reason for the high rates of obesity in America is due to the fact that it has higher rates of car usage than its counterparts.

For centuries, transportation has existed as it was a basic human need- however- it was not until the 20th century that the automobile industry took a great turn. You see before this “automobile revolution’ all transportation involved a bit of effort to be given by the driver, but cars with engine minimized this to greater extent. Modern cars require no “real” effort to drive whatsoever, in fact, they are super comfortable.

It is estimated that majority of Americans own a car- and that they use it for their daily chores. This is not a bad thing until you consider the fact that these people are not paying attention to their exercise or to be clear their walking needs.

In European countries these statistics are not so horrifying given the fact that they walk five times more steps than an average American per year- and that their infrastructure greatly promotes cycling and walking.

The research is not blaming automobiles for being so good! No not at all- it is the people that are to blame. We humans have for so long have this tendency to get lost in comforts. Automobiles are of vast significant to our lives but we must not make it in to our enemies. Walk where it is possible and drive further distances- that are how it should be. Occasionally, walk or cycle great distances- for if you truly love your car you must know that it too deserves a comfortable day off like everyone.